The Multi-Tile UV Bake Tool allows you to bake multi-tile texture collections in 3ds Max using common naming conventions such as MARI UDIM, Mudbox or Zbrush. By default, baking textures in 3dsMax is limited to the 0,1 UV Space. Without this tool, manually exporting/baking collections is extremely time consuming and quite forbidding, especially when dealing with large tile collections.

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The bake tool was developed in order to process and export multi-tile uv data sets in 3ds Max for direct use with Amplify Texture 2 in Unity Pro, as an added bonus it’s a great pipeline addition if you need to take your 3ds Max projects into other Multi-Tile Based authoring tools such as MARI.´


  • Export multi-tile collections directly into Unity(Amplify Texture 2)
  • Batch entire scenes into fewer draw calls (Unity+AT2).
  • Go beyond the usual texture size limitations (Unity+AT2)
  • Easily bake and enhance your assets in compatible multi-tile packages such as MARI, MODO, Mudbox & Zbrush.
  • Compatible with any rendering engine that supports the Render to Texture extension such as Vray, Mental Ray, Brazil, Cebas finalRender or similar packages.




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