UPD: Unity 2017.1 was released on July 10, 2017

Unity Technologies has demonstrated a preview of long awaited Unity 2017 at Unite Europe 2017 in Amsterdam.

Among the features presented at the conference were:

  • Timeline, a visual tool for creating cinematic content, cut scenes and gameplay sequences

Unity 2017 Timeline

  • Cinemachine cinematic cameras both for gameplay and for cinematic sequences

Unity 2017 Cinemachine

  • Stronger Live-ops Analytics with Remote Setting & Standard Events

Unity 2017 Remote Settings

  • Progressive lightmapper
  • Particle system
  • Deferred rendering on iOS/Metal
  • VR platforms (VR Works)
  • Video Player (PS4)
    … and others.

More information on Unity Blog

Full info about the Unity 2017 release 

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