Free update for registered users adds several new features and improvements.

Highlights include:

  • V-Ray RT GPU now supports hair and fur, subsurface scattering and light cache
  • New Microfacet GTR / GGX BRDF, perfect for hard surfaces like metal
  •  New VRayInstancer geometric plugin for instancing objects using ParticleFlow systems
  • Added support for OpenSubdiv objects in Alembic files
  • A number of V-Ray Frame Buffer improvements
  • Updated to Embree 2.3; Embree can now accelerate V-Ray Proxy objects, instances and Hair Farm / Ornatrix hair and fur

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New Features

  • Further optimizations for render speed
  • New V-RayLight: Disc light shape
  • V-RayMtl: Added Microfacet GGX/ GTR BRDF model; (GTR, microfacet, examples)
  • V-RayMtl: Added Clip Opacity and Stochastic Opacity modes for faster rendering of trees and vegetation with opacity mapping.
  • Overall Embree Update:
  1. Embree: Proxies and instances can now be accelerated by Embree
  2. Embree: Update to Embree 2.3
  3. Embree: Embree can now accelerate hair rendering for Ornatrix and HairFarm
  • V-RayScatterVolumeMtl: improved volumetric rendering; added ability to use the light cache
  • V-RayInstancer: New geometric plugin for instancing objects on ParticleFlow systems.
  • V-RayLightSelect render element: ability to output normal/raw/diffuse/specular contributions of associated lights
  • V-RayLight: ability to control diffuse and specular contributions separately
  • V-RayMultiSubTex: Extended with new randomized modes for choosing colors; variations (goes with VRayInstancer)
  • Improved VRay2SidedMtl
  • V-RayProxy: Support for subdivision objects in Alembic files using OpenSubdiv
  • Virtual Frame Buffer:
  1. VFB: Ability to dock/undock History window and Color Corrections window to the main VFB window
  2. VFB: Added highlight burn color correction to the VFB
  3. VFB: Added “background image” color correction to the VFB
  4.  VFB: Added the ability to save multi-channel .vrimg and OpenEXR files from the VFB UI
  5. VFB: Added the ability to load arbitrary file formats in the V-Ray VFB for post-processing
  • Added include/exclude list to the VRayVelocity render element
  • Updated to OpenEXR 2.2.0 and added new DWA compression options to VRayOptionsRe
  • When created, V-Ray will automatically load a preset named “default” if there is one (allows for customized default values)
  • Support for point cloud rendering in 3ds Max 2015
  • Improvements in RT GPU & CPU:
  1. V-Ray RT CPU: Support for the VRayClipper object
  2. V-Ray RT CPU: Support for Ornatrix and HairFarm rendering
  3. V-Ray RT GPU: Support for using the light cache for GPU rendering
  4. V-Ray RT GPU: Support for the VRayFastSSS2 material
  5. V-Ray RT GPU: Initial support for hair rendering for Ornatrix and HairFarm
  6. V-Ray RT: Improved refresh speed

Modified features

  • Added MaxScript access to the Trace sets include/exclude flag
  • V-RayLight: Somewhat faster sampling of rectangle lights
  • Improved render speed when not using any render elements
  • V-RayProxy: Export texture coordinates for .vrmesh preview, if preview mesh is specified
  • V-RayClipper: More robust and faster algorithm is used
  • VFB: Improve anaglyph stereoscopic preview to reduce retinal rivalry
  • V-RayHairFarmMod and VRayOrnatrixMod: Faster rendering of hair
  • V-RayOSLMtl and VRayOSLTex: Added the ability to display tooltip-messages with additional description of the parameter
  • Ability to delete presets in V-Ray Presets window
  • Added an option to open the V-Ray messages window on error or warning only
  • V-RayMtl: Multiple layers of glass rendered with noise

Source: vray.info

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