Autodesk has released a 2019 update of Mudbox, their 3D digital painting and sculpting software.

Here are some of the new features presented in Mudbox 2019:

  • Preserve Volume option has been added to the Advanced properties from the Smooth tool and is useful when working with dynamic tessellation to prevent the Smooth tool from reducing the triangulated mesh volume too quickly.
  • Dynamic Tessellation now supports UVs, Selection Sets, Joint Weights, and Falloff Type.
  • Combine Meshes option in the Mesh menu allows merging multiple meshes into a single object that contains all of the faces.
  • Separate Selection has been added to the Mesh menu and permits to separate compound objects into multiple objects within Mudbox.
  • Stamp Offset has been added to all relevant sculpting tool properties to let fine-tuning the depth of a stamp imprint on a model’s surface.

The full list of features you can find in Autodesk help here

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