3D Artist, Interior Designer



Our target is to achieve photorealistic 3D visualizations for individual clients, companies, large institutions and anyone interested in the 3D industry.

We notice that a high demand for 3D visualizations that prove to be a faster method for project presentation. We begin with blueprints or sketches – to be sure that the design is the same as the client wants. As we start to study an idea we remain focused on details and go with multiple variants to present the high-quality work and final render. Our goal is to build relationships for a long time, so we strongly value our customers’  interests.

We collaborate with different professionals, such as architects, builders, landscape architects, special planners, developers, interior designers, engineers, furniture producers.

Concept design of multiple 3d cabin, container houses. The 2d design was already done i just put effort of making the 3d and do the 3d rendering and visualization - 3dmax + VRay +Photoshop
Project done with 3d sketchup and rendering in 3dsmax. I placed the camera and the materials and the final rendering. - 3dsmax+VRay+Photoshop
Offices building. I tried to do the best design and render. There are more than 5 views for all the office areas with multiple views. - 3dsmax+VRay+ Photoshop
Exterior cabin for weeding and guest. The place is a resort that welcomes guests for parties and celebrations and to have fun. - 3dsmax + VRay + Photoshop
Living area. With modern style and cool colors and contemporary feeling. I have done the exterior and the interior for the kitchen and all the house. - 3dsmax + VRay +Photoshop
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