Exlevel released Service pack 6 for GrowFX 1.9.9, a plant modeling and animation plugin for 3ds Max.

What’s new in GrowFX 1.9.9 (Service pack 6)

  • Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2019 (64-bit);
  • Added a new Shape modifier that allows the user to modify lines of path by control points;
  • Added Color Channel and Color Mask options in the Surface distributor;
  • Added Use Last Level option in the Path and Path position distributor, which will allow using only the last level of the parent path;
  • Added Path Pos – Min % and Path Pos – Max % parameters in the Instanced geometry, which will allow to control the appearance of the instanced objects along the parent path;
  • Added the ability to affect to the Material ID of the mesh builders;
  • Added the ability to affect to the Displace UVW Mapping parameters of some mesh builders;
  • Added the MaxSctipt functions to access the Cache Mode parameters

Moreover, till the end of April Exlevel offers 25% discount on the plugin license.

More information here

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