Francesco Barletta

I started to make my first steps as a designer about 2 years ago and my passion gives me the possibilities to grow up in architectural visualization field. Now I work with Cinema4D for modeling and compositions, rendering is done with Corona Render and Vray. For the post-production, I always use Camera Raw in Photoshop that allows me to treat my renders like real photos.


Learn from the real world, watch, understand the nuances and only then start on your pc and watch the monitor.


Draw, draw and draw! If you are not talented with pencil and paper you won't be a good cg artist!


First everything seems difficult, but you overcome obstacles. In this fantastic but complex field, you always learn and face challenges.


Simply is the best: we consider the whole scene as the sum of small scenes on which we work separately.


We studied architecture at the University of Parma and during the 5 years we have passionate in the world of 3D and architectural visualization. After graduation, we decided to turn this passion in our work.

Federico Ciavarella

As an architect, at the university I realized how much importance 3d visualization has for architectural projects, this is mainly what pushed me to increase my knowledge about this field.

Glauco Grimaldi

My favourite project is a private modern house. It excited my creativity because this house was developped in lengh so it was like a competition for me to get the best result.It owners gave me the possibility to create the interiors without any restriction so it was like playing a game for me.

Francesco Rega

I have done many projects that gave me great satisfactions, but the one I prefer is for an interior design company that makes interiors for churches and communities.