Juan Hiriart

I started working with CG in 2007, I've learned a lot from this work in ten years and still learning a lot every day. I'm a professional architect and a founder of DOD3dstudio since 2015. I like the art that involves this whole arch-viz world and the way it impacts on others. Every project is different to me, every one of them has a special message to deliver and so is the way I face them.


The key for photorealistic vegetation, besides correct tools, is understanding how it behaves, what it does, what it smells like.


To set lighting in a scene, you need to know some photography basics to understand camera settings and white balance.


Have a love for what you are doing, artistic vision and always be at the vanguard of CG and 3D-field

Lucas Paterlini

My workflow is simple: to do the render and then do a lot of post production in Photoshop for giving a little bit of art and beauty.


There are endless possibilities and artistic creativity, it is closely related to industrial design (which I love) and interior design and architecture. I feel comfortable in 3D, and it has certainly a wonderful atmosphere.