Tran Phuong Anh (Phanh)

First, I receive information from client and read each drawings carefully (if something is not clear, better to ask asap). Then I imagine myself in that space, watch it from different angles and take notes, step by step, what should be done

Le Van Phong

It's hard to work when a customer gives you not enough information about project and defines just an output quality. Then the work takes a lot of time.


I love the architecture and 3D. now it's like half of my heart. They can not be separated. I will always follow it and never changed.

Vic Nguyen

Starting 3d you first feel excitement of something new and challenging. I personally believe that no matter what difficulties you meat on the road, the most important is never to give up, to search for solutions on professional forums and always to have passion for what you are doing.