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Analyze distance to vegetation on your render and real necessity for detailed materials - this way you shorten rendering time.


Due to short deadlines I prefer adding details in postproduction, I find it very fun. I really love photoshop integration.


With time we'll get even closer to reality, it will be hard to distinguish a virtual image from a photograph.


3D is just a tool, so the most important is to provide the solution for the needs of our customers.

Gabriel Núñez Salcedo

I never regret the hard work, investigation, and trial and error that I have gone through. I think the best is to experiment and exchange ideas as well as information with other users.


Inspiration is everywhere but people can't see it until its needed. It depends on many different things, mood, lifestyle, the way you understand certain things and how you feel about it, it's an "on demand" engine ready to use.

Mario Ontiveros

I think my work is still in development stage, so every scene is a little(huge) satisfaction, because in each of them I try to always give a little more effort (a better shader, new lighting solutions, more modeling details, etc

Alan Islas Durazo

I started 3D aproximately two years ago when I first started my architecture degree; a friend of mine showed to me Sketchup software wich had a huge impact over me and since then I've been getting more and more into 3D.