Cebas Visual Technology Inc. announced the release of thinkingParticles version 6 Subscription Drop 5 with new workflow and production tools.

VB cluster texturemap

What’s new for thinkingParticles

  • VolumeBreaker that gives the flexibility to set fragment particles into different breakage cluster and then have more natural or more specific patterns
  • ShapeNoise operator that provides the power to add deformation to any particle shape’s area and edges
  • FlowEmitter that helps to achieve constant flow of fluid in animation
  • ParticleLight that allows to control the light in more than one way. With ParticleLight you can turn any particle into a real Omni light type along with proper shadow casting
  • HydroFiled that makes Fluid and Ridgid body collisions look better with better buoyancay and interaction.


More information about this release on Cebas Visual Technology