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If you ever experienced difficulties with importing and exporting files between ZBrush, Maya and 3DS Max, you would be interested to know about Styx - the script package that makes faster importing-exporting files between the programs.


The key for photorealistic vegetation, besides correct tools, is understanding how it behaves, what it does, what it smells like.


My way to achieve photorealism in lights and materials is always having good references and working strictly based on them.
Alessandro Berti interviewed on 3D Architettura: render, 3d, design, architecture, CG


Learn from the real world, watch, understand the nuances and only then start on your pc and watch the monitor.
3D Architettura interviewed Dimitar Ivanov Gongalov: 3d, architecture, design, render, CG. www.3darchitettura.com


What positively surprised me is the appearance of some useful plugins and scripts that are able to make 3d-work easier
Vadim Korotkov interviewed for 3darchitettura.com: render, 3d, design, CG, architecture


Show your projects to your friends and colleagues: professional feedback gives motivation to grow and helps to correct the mistakes.
Tiago Sillos Padovani, 3d, architecture, design, 3darchitettura, render

Tiago Sillos Padovani

Always it is extremely difficult to tune adjustment of 3d modeled on real image. I solved it by learning how to deal with a real camera and used it in the virtual world.

Igor Bobkov

Now the most difficult is to create chaos. In real life, for example, you do not find absolutely clean surfaces in architecture - there are water stains on walls, dust, dirt on the borders of asphalt roads and so on.

Alexander Lysak

Every project I start with collecting information: drawings, textures, photos etc. Professional architecture photos help to understand the atmosphere - to play with light and shadow and to create realistic details of the environment.
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David Ouro de Toledo

The worst problem was not using as reference 3D pictures... I decided that just using photo reference and my imagination is enough...

Federico Ciavarella

As an architect, at the university I realized how much importance 3d visualization has for architectural projects, this is mainly what pushed me to increase my knowledge about this field.


First of all, passion in what you`re doing, it makes your way easier, study & practice a lot, there are thousands of tutorials in the web that you can do.