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V-Ray Cloud

Chaos Group presented the end of February V-Ray Cloud beta - new cloud rendering integrated directly in V-Ray that seamlessly unlocks the speed and virtually unlimited power of the cloud.

V-Ray Next, Beta 2 for 3ds Max

End of February Chaos Group presented V-Ray Next, Beta 2 for 3ds Max with GPU volume rendering, Nvidia denoising and many other cool new features.
v-ray benchmark

V-Ray Benchmark 1.0.7

Chaos Group recently released version 1.0.7 of V-Ray Benchmark, a free stand-alone application for testing hardware rendering speed.
Francesco Barletta on 3D Architettura. Digital Architecture Magazine

Francesco Barletta

I started to make my first steps as a designer about 2 years ago and my passion gives me the possibilities to grow up in architectural visualization field. Now I work with Cinema4D for modeling and compositions, rendering is done with Corona Render and Vray. For the post-production, I always use Camera Raw in Photoshop that allows me to treat my renders like real photos.


Our target is to achieve photorealistic 3D visualizations for individual clients, companies, large institutions and anyone interested in the 3D industry.

Juan Hiriart

I started working with CG in 2007, I've learned a lot from this work in ten years and still learning a lot every day. I'm a professional architect and a founder of DOD3dstudio since 2015. I like the art that involves this whole arch-viz world and the way it impacts on others. Every project is different to me, every one of them has a special message to deliver and so is the way I face them.
Marek Denko - Her Eventual Hesitation - making of - 3D Architettura interview

Марек Денко

Сегодня мы продолжаем серию статей об animago Award 2017 и хотим представить вам интервью с победителем в номинации Лучший Кадр - художником 3D визуализации Мареком Денко. Мы поговорим о его пути в компьютерной графике и возникновении идеи и секретах создания его знаменитого проекта "Her Eventual Hesitation".

Jacinto Miguel Valente Monteiro

Hello, my name is Jacinto Monteiro, I graduated as an architect, back in 2001, in Portugal, and started working in this profession for 6 years. In the peak of 2007/8 crisis, with my girlfriend pregnant of my only child, I decided to quit my architectural job and had a fresh start as a digital artist. High risk and drastic decision that changed my life completely, luckily for better.

V-RAY 3.6

Chaos Group has recently presented a new release V-Ray for 3DS Max 2018.


V-Ray 3.5 is now compatible with NUKE 10.5 and adds powerful new features.


Наша работа строится просто: после первой встерчи с заказчиком мы создаем сториборд и обычно за три варианта приходим к согласию относительно положения камеры, материалов, настроения и - особенно важно - ощущения, которое мы хотим передать.


Some of the new features of VRay 3.5 for 3ds Max include ability to add VRayScene object node to import .vrscene files in 3ds Max, NVIDIA MDL support, V-Ray GPU enhancements, and reworked lens effects.