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Le Van Phong

It's hard to work when a customer gives you not enough information about project and defines just an output quality. Then the work takes a lot of time.

Pedro Torgal

The reason for deciding to work in this area was basically because I love how a project comes to life in 3D. I like all 3D areas, from games to Arch-Viz to VFX but am specializing in Arch-Viz.

Gabriel Núñez Salcedo

I never regret the hard work, investigation, and trial and error that I have gone through. I think the best is to experiment and exchange ideas as well as information with other users.


I love the architecture and 3D. now it's like half of my heart. They can not be separated. I will always follow it and never changed.

Mark Lester Ocampo

The biggest problem that I always encounter is the time frame, most people do not understand why rendering is so time-consuming, even my boss cannot fully understand why with such a powerful computer I have is still not enough to not leave my computer running till next morning

Mohammad Jokar

Getting to know 3ds Max , was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life and as my own idea, I wish I started learning it much earlier.

Vinicius Inácio

Actually even the things that I did wrong I would redo, because I have no doubt that some of bad choices I did made me met the 3D guy at my school, and today I'm extremely glad that I can say I'm actually working with 3D.

Vic Nguyen

Starting 3d you first feel excitement of something new and challenging. I personally believe that no matter what difficulties you meat on the road, the most important is never to give up, to search for solutions on professional forums and always to have passion for what you are doing.

Эва Гаврон

Я рада, что я училась архитектуре, однако сразу после университета вместо архитектурной практики я стала заниматься 3d. Тем не менее я многое знаю о дизайне и это облегчает мне понимание других проектов.

Федерико Чиаварелла

Будучи архитектором, еще в университете я понял важность 3d визуализации для архитектурных проектов. И именно это подтолкнуло меня развивать свои навыки в данной области.

Irena Happy

For every project I come up with a position that would create a masterpiece. I do not make a difference in the styles of the project, the size of the premises.

Алекс Цискаришвили

Большая часть моего вдохновения приходит из разных архитектурных сайтов, я постоянно стараюсь следить за всеми новостями и актуальными проектами в архитектуре и инженерии.