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High demand for visual quality in videogames pushed technology behind the game industry to surpass capabilities of architects’ CAD tools.
3D is just a tool, so the most important is to provide the solution for the needs of our customers.
The difficult thing is to keep up with growing visualization technology. You have to keep learning to be on top.
Don't be afraid of trying new software until you find what works well with your workflow and gives best results.
Pedro Antunes from Portugal interviewed for 3DArchitettura: render, 3d, CG, design, interior design, architecture


I was attracted to CG when a friend showed me the movie "The Third and the Seventh" by Alex Roman.
Learn from the real world, watch, understand the nuances and only then start on your pc and watch the monitor.
What positively surprised me is the appearance of some useful plugins and scripts that are able to make 3d-work easier
MIESGGROUP interviewed for 3D Architettura: 3d, architecture, design, render, CG


Have a love for what you are doing, artistic vision and always be at the vanguard of CG and 3D-field
Omar Rikabi interviewed on 3D Architettura: architecture, design, render, 3d, CG. www.3darchitettura.com


For an architect it's necessary to enter the 3D-field to clarify your ideas and finalize your designs to the client.
We focus more on artistic, than on technological aspect. When people say 'wow', no-one really cares which plugins you used.
Andrea De Cet interviewed on 3D Architettura: renderr, 3d, cg, design, architecture


Draw, draw and draw! If you are not talented with pencil and paper you won't be a good cg artist!
My advice is the following: pay attention to everything around you, think outside the box and develop your personal style.