Looking back, I could be sorry that I wasted several years studying economics and was not doing something that I really had interest for. But it’s useless and so I am not sorry for anything.

Alexander Tarasov

I always liked movies with huge special effects, drawings, with characters and objects that exist only in imagination. That's how I got my initial interest in 3d animation - wanted to try to create something by my own, something interesting, something extraordinary and emerge deeply in this field.


Every work, of course, starts from good and detailed technical brief - otherwise it risks to become a routine with an endless amount of changes.

Mihail Bendus

More difficult the project is, the more interesting it is to make it. The worse design-concept is given by the client, the more challenging is to present it the best way that even the client could not imagine.

Stanislav Orekhov

There is plenty of different information, even too much. And it its abundance one should have a lot of patience for self-education: should be diligent and have a lot of time. The main problem now is not to find information, but to evaluate its quality. How are you going to spend your time and what result will you get?

Yuri Evdokimov

I would like to share with you my experience of acquaintance with 3d-world. In my story I want to describe everything that helped me in my work, education and personal growth, and also all the difficulties, stopping my progress.

Irina Sigova

After some years as a designer (first in the office, than freelance) I understood that this kind of job is not for me and started my cooperation with other designers making 3d renders for them.

Vyacheslav and Andrey Kulagin

Never stop, always move forward, learn something new, improve your skills no matter how high your current level is.

Rostislav Nikolaev

I have a degree in architecture, but my university did not give any inspiration to become an architect. To say more – it did completely the opposite. But I always liked to make beautiful presentations of my projects. I needed to work and to earn money so I decided to learn 3d.