Next Limit released RoomBox

Next Limit, developers of Maxwell Render, have recently released their new software, RoomBox, for creating 3D visualizations directly from AutoCAD 2d plans.
Unigine 2.8

UNIGINE 2.8 is now available

Developers of Unigine, a real-time 3D visualization platform for simulation and training, digital twins, BIM and VR, have recently released Unigine 2.8 with improved asynchronous data streaming, cached shadows optimization work, various shadow improvements, better FPS stabilization functionality, improved vegetation, better subsurface scattering, interleaved lights rendering, and multiple other rendering improvements.
Substance Painter Spring 2019

Substance Painter Spring 2019 update

Allegorithmic released Substance Painter Spring 2019 that is "more officially" - Substance Painter 2019.1 with a lot of new tools and features.

Mari 4.5 with Mari Materials System is released

Foundry has recently released Mari 4.5 with a transformative Materials System that allows artists to create high-volume assets faster and more cost-effectively.

Real HDR 1.4 released

PlaySys has presented 1.4 release of Real HDR - standalone utility for creating custom HDR images for CGI, VFX and rendering - with new 3D preview and 3D light placement mode and usability and customization improvements.
unigine 2.7.3

UNIGINE 2.7.3 released

Developers of Unigine - real-time 3d rendering engine - have released Unigine 2.7.3 update with improved texture and geometry import, sky rendering and environment probes, better placement tools, rendering improvements ad VR optimizations.
autodesk mudbox 2019

Autodesk Mudbox 2019 is out

Autodesk Mudbox 2019 update - Preserve Volume, Dynamic Tesselation, Combine Meshes, Separate Selection and other new options.

Adobe acquires Allegorithmic

It is officially announced that Adobe has acquired Allegorithmic, makers of Substance Painter and other tools for 3D textures and material creation in game and video post-production.

Autodesk Maya 2019

Autodesk has released Maya 2019 update with performance improvements, Cashed Playback for faster animations, Viewport 2.0 and other features based on user requests.
Substance Painter - 3D Painting Software

Substance Painter 2018.3

Allegorithmic has released Substance Painter 2018.3 with viewport upgrades, new UI helpers, an enhanced symmetry tool, proper 2D view export and a boost in performance.
artlantis 2019

Artlantis 2019 is out

Artlantis 2019 - software for rendering architectural visualizations - was released recently.
KeyShot 8.1

KeyShot 8.1

Luxion has released KeyShot 8.1, a free update for 8.0 users - following the release of KeyShot 8.0 in October.