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Seasonal collections of best renders both of outdoor and indoor spaces. If you are looking for summer or winter mood in 3d-visualizations, then you are definitely in the right place.

Best renders for architecture and interior design done by the artists from different countries interviewed on 3D Architettura during the last 3 years.


Being a professional 3d community, we like to provide you with practical information on different matters connected with architectural visualization and CG.

Photometric IES Light In 3ds Max 2017

Integration of offline V-RAY rendering abilities to Unity and Oculus Rift realtime presentations. Recording of the workshop of Luca Deriu during View Conference 2014 in Turin in October 2014. More information in the special project
New features of Autodesk 3ds Max 2016: User Interface, viewports, modeling, texturing and shading, scripting, iRay, mental ray animation and render. More information in the ArchitecTools post
Corona Renderer 1.2.1 video review
Photometric lights in Corona Renderer. Tutorial

Photometric IES Light In 3ds Max And V-Ray

Photometric IES Lights in Maxwell Render

Photometric light in vray 3.20 Tutorial

Photometric light in Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial